Friday, 9 January 2015

New Years Resolutions - let's keep them!

So, start of another year and we promise ourselves the same things again that we promised last year. The problem most of the time is that we don't keep our resolutions or the reasons we made them visible. One way to keep them front of mind is using a vision board but I don't have the right space in my house to put one so instead I am completing a vision journal.

I hoped to have it done before I wrote this blog but life got in the way (off to a great start with my resolutions, aren't I? LOL) however one of my resolutions is to write more blog posts even if the project is not complete yet. So here you get to see my work in progress.

I am using the Year Noted kit which is on special this month for only $10 for the pack plus an extra $5 for the mini album (bargain!).

So the albums are a new addition since the seasonal inspirations catalogue came out - they are available normally in Kraft or black and have plastic pocket sleeves. The first pocket is 6x4 then the next page has two pockets each 3x4 and it continues to alternate for the entire 10 pages.

Here are the contents of the year noted kit:
You may be able to see that the b&t paper is printed on one side to be able to be divided into 6x4 sections - the opposite side is all one pattern.

So I have divided my goals up into categories and called them : family adventures, CTMH goals, Health highlights and Scrapbooking snapshots. For each category I have created a title page and then a checklist of resolutions for that category.
I have left gaps for photos which are so important when creating a vision - I may use family photos but it can be just as powerful to use clippings from magazines.

I really like that the stamp set in this kit has a set of dotted lines for writing on which line up perfectly with a set of  check boxes so you can either have a block of text or a check list. The arrows and the scallop banners are pretty cute too. Considering that C sized stamp sets are usually $21, the value of this set for only $10 which includes stamps, papers and stickers is pretty awesome.

So this little book is going to sit on my bedside table for me to look at before I go to sleep and when I wake up - it's a reminder to keep me on track through the year. I am going to include some blank pages at the back with just the heading 'accomplishments' so I can keep track of what I am accomplishing as I go.

The year noted set is only available until the end of this month with any purchase over $75.

I'd love to hear about your resolutions and what you do to keep them so leave me a comment!


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