Sunday, 1 January 2017

A New Year - A New Name

Happy New Year!

It has been over a year since my last blog post. I have needed that time to attend to my family and myself. With 2016 now behind me I am ready to launch into a new 2017 - a new fresh start to a new year.

You may have noticed the name change - 'Mummy you made this?' really spoke to me when I first named my blog and my darling boy was the smile behind all of my creations. He still makes me smile and still is amazed by my artwork but my work has become about more than just making him smile. Of course, now his sister is becoming more involved too the blog title just didn't sit right anymore.

Annespirations has been what I have labeled my craft kits with for some time now - the blend of my name with the word inspirations simply came to me one day when I was creating a list of ideas and titled it : Anne's Inspirations. This became Anne'Spirations and then Annespirations.

I have been wanting to share more on this blog and now seems like I will be able to create opportunities for me to do so.

 Looking forward to the year ahead,


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